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se7en months, se7enteen days later…

Has the time really passed by that quickly? So many things have happened since September 19th of 2008. I get to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, collaborate with some of the most amazing creative minds, and took part in the first ever 3-D stop-motion animated film, Coraline. All of these opportunities are presented to me at one of the largest independently-owned advertising agencies in the world, Wieden + Kennedy. The learning curve I’m experiencing right now is phenomenal. There is always something new to explore and I am constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone to create amazing work. I have finally gotten a good feel for this place. Sometimes it’ll be really nice and relaxing and sometimes I’ll be working from 7 in the morning til 2 in the morning. This is totally the kind of environment that keeps me going. When things are being pushed and deadlines are short, I’m focused and running off adrenaline to keep the juices flowing and crank out the project without even seeing any daylight.

For those of you who are interested, I will begin posting new things that I learn and experience here to share with you on a regular basis. I know when I was in school, I wanted to read up on other creatives experiences and learn from it — so I hope I can provide that for you here.

* * *

On the flipside, these are some of the campaigns that I have taken part in during my time here so far:

Old Spice
(Wireframes + Design)

Career Builder – Anonymous Tip Giver
(Wireframes + Design)

Coraline: Bobinsky vs. Bobinsky
(Design – Standard Banners + Rich Banners)

Coraline: Bobinsky Stuck in Banner
(Design – Standard Banners + Rich Banners)

Kobe 4 Banners
(Design – Standard Banners + Rich Banners)


CVo’s Graduation

Today was one of the most memorable days of my life. I have accomplished my three years at The Art Institute of Portland for a Bachelors in Graphic Design and am more than ready for what is in store for me in the future. I cannot express how happy and sincerely lucky I felt to have gotten so much support today at the show. So many friends, family, colleagues and people I haven’t seen in a long time came to visit and it was so nice to see those familiar faces. I absolutely am so grateful for having such amazing people in my life. Couldn’t have gone this far without them, that’s for sure!

Aside from that, my schedule today was quite hectic.. not including what had happened the night before… this is how it went:

6AM – Dashed back home from M.Suplido’s place

6:05AM – Cleaned up apt a bit since fam was coming in town, showered, prepped and packed everything that was needed for the big show

8:45AM – Out the door and off to AIPD.

9AM: At school unpacking and setting up my little corner.

Here is the floor setup:

This is what my actual station looked like:

11:30AM: Professionals begin to trickle in.

12:30ish: Def busy chit chatting with tons of people. Probably peak time is around here… It lasted up to about 1:50PM

1:50PM – 3PM: probably the last hour or so was the longest hour of the day. Feet started hurting, hunger started to really tap in…

3:15PM: Packed up and loaded back into n3mo{my car}

IN BETWEEN: LISTENED TO A SHOCKING/UNBELIEVABLE PHONE MESSAGE… {Heart racing, excitement boost, adrenaline to the max, “all i wanna do is celebrate” feeling running through my head}

3:40PM: Arrive at Tiffany Center on 14th and Morrison for graduation ceremony. yes still stoked.

4PM: Began my walk… As a graduate.. again.. Stoked

4:15ish: Brian B. gives me a heads up that my tassel thingy was on the wrong side.. {Oops! I was just ready to be done ;)}

4:40ish: Laura Feraco gives her speech!!!!! YAY!!!!! She did a fantastic job! I’m so proud of her!!!! She conquered one of her biggest fears and what better time than this to do that right? I’m so sad that she’s leaving for Alaska. She’ll do great over there. I just know it! Hi Laura!

5:10ish.. Grad over. Tons of pictures with fam bam

Later on was.. Dinner with fam at Macaroni Grill and then took them shopping for a bit. Mom, pops, sister, inlaws, nephew went back to OLY and Bro+Wife+Son+Daughter is here tonight so we can go shopping tomorrow! I guess in about 8 hours.

Overall, it was a fantastic day and I want to thank everyone who made it out and made my graduation 10 times better and for your support. I really couldn’t have done it without you! 😀

End. CVo

Voism #1: “Who needs a tool
set when you can use a
can opener as a hammer.

~C. Brubaker

Some more photos of the day:

Megan + Amazing Coaster Toss

BramPitoyo + CaseOrganic interviews CVo + Kim Karalekas

Smile. It's contagious...

Smile. It's contagious

Tune into Hazelnut-Tech-Talk. A podcast brought to you by two of the most inspiring and tech-saavy genius’s I know {BramPitoyo + CaseOrganic}. They interviewed both Kim and I this weekend about COLABORATORY and got the inside scoop on our experiences. Check it out.

Christine Vo + Kim Karalekas COLAB Interview

beautiful day for a podcast recording

Tips for laying out a “graphic design” portfolio

Tonight was the third week of my portfolio class and this was really valuable in my book of useful information so I’m here to share. Thank you Dale Gronso for reviewing this with us!

  1. Be careful with the personal identity details coming throughout the book
  2. Ultimate Goal: SHOW OFF YOUR WORK
  3. Bare minimum descriptions: Only says: client, project + size (putting title only is not good enough. Need to give an idea of how big the products are and descriptions to give people a good idea. Great for when you have to drop off your portfolio)
  4. Must be CONSISTENT! from outline size + color to alignment to spacing. Whatever the rules you set for yourself for the grid of your book… Follow them rigorously.
  5. How do you present that variety through the structure and layout of your page?
  6. Try your best to show your work closest to 100%.
  7. If labeling, do it discreetly
  8. When displaying spreads of magazine, only show a few that really gives the look and feel and if asked, show the whole publication at hand.
  9. If environmental piece is shown, show a scale comparison. (human + object)
  10. Be careful with the drop shadows!!! Make sure it’s nice and subtle.
  11. Description type should be simple, clean and easy to read. Also make sure it’s consistent your personal brand.
  12. Be careful with detail shots if they’re used. Make sure the zoomed in size is at 100%. If you don’t need the detail shot, don’t show it! Don’t do it just because you can.
  13. Descriptions should be roughly the same length, placed in the same place.
  14. Make sure that your space is used effectively. Don’t make the work so small.
  15. Don’t show process on EVERY piece if you’re planning on showing it at all

Wrap up @ Pop Art

Kim Karalekas & I talk about our third week of COLAB.

Plaid’s Visit to Ascentium

On Wednesday July 23, Plaid dropped by at the Ascentium office. Plaid is an agency that focuses on design, branding, interactive + television. They have just recently began a tour around the country meeting creative, marketing, brand and internet workers, and sharing Plaid love. Brilliant!

Plaid Nation Tour – July, 23 2008 from Plaid Nation on Vimeo.