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Banana Slugs Fan Tee :)

Hey Bsluggers! A ton of you have requested to get the Bslugs shirt this season. I think I may have missed some of you so for those who want one.. let me know! I’ll put you in the order. πŸ™‚

Banana Slugs - Basketball 2009


Oldspice::Residue is Evil

residue is evil

It’s not a brick.

and after only 5 hours.. i managed to do it! determination + patience are a pretty kickass traits to have. I had to go through the damn reformatting process so many times because i always messed it up. Come to find out as the time ticks on and the night gets brighter, this is what I began to see:

now i’m a zombie. off to Cotes Kokes now!

Kiwi Photoshoot

Bryan + Luke + I went out for a photo shoot tonight. Luke did a great job. See for yourself:

Christine Vo + Bryan Davidson

Tanner Springs Park

Tanner Springs Park

Hello Livengood!

Groupie photo!

Groupie photo!

Okay. So I’m not gonna lie… I’ve spent two days at Livengood|Nowack and they are disgustingly badass! I love the people I work with and have already experienced my first REAL photoshoot.

Day 01 - Photoshoot

Day 01 - Photoshoot

I haven’t gotten to work with the most exciting work YET but atleast I’m not doing the typical intern thing: making copies… getting coffee… doing dishes… Gotta be thankful for that. Here is what has amazed me about Livengood. First thing’s first… the space that they’ve got is super cool. It’s got pretty much two floors of all this open space. They decorate it with some bottles of liquor and random stuff they’ve collected thoughout the years from the work that they’ve done. One thing I have to mention is the temperature there is perfect! I say this because you would think it’s not a big deal but seriously, EVERYWHERE.. Including school has some of the craziest temperature settings. One minute it’d be freezing cold and then it’d be a sauna. I noticed this today as I was sitting downstairs with 90 degree weather outside. So good job L|N! πŸ˜€ Second thing that really stuck out to me were the people. They are Sooo nice! The first time I came to their agency was last friday when they had a little get together and I already felt like part of the L|N family. Everyone was super laid back and really knows how to make work fun. They work hard and def play hard. I’ll just leave it at that. πŸ˜‰

Vo's Special Fried Rice

Vo's Special Fried Rice

The first day was spent with Zoe(art director) + Becky(Account Manager) + Am(Designer) at Polara for a photoshoot. It was a great time for me to ask them a ton of questions and get to know one another better. It actually felt like we had known each other for way longer than just a few hours which is awesome. We came back for lunch and this is something that I thought was super cool because EVERYONE got together in the conference room and had lunch together. People would bring in a dish and we all gathered around this big table for a tasty lunch. (I ended up making Vo’s special fried rice. ;D. – Vegetarian & Pork) I thought this really showed their agency values and the family vibe which I absolutely love. After lunch I was assigned a project and then again left to the photoshoot. This time it was only Zoe + Becky + myself… this just means.. GIRL TIME. hehe. These two are super cool. I was able to show them my portfolio and talk to them and of course pick their brains a little more. We were there at the studio until 5:30P and Becky got me back to school on time for class.

First day - Lunch!

First day - Lunch!

The next day I had an 8A meeting with Craig Trames from Corragio Group. Very nice guy and looking forward to working with him in the near future. Walked to Livengood and got there 4 minutes late. OOPS. I’ll make it up tomorrow. πŸ™‚ So first thing at work this morning, I continued working on the assigned project from yesterday and then recieved one of the most exciting tasks yet! Photo-hunting… yeah.. right? hehe, it needed to be done so there I was searching away. Took a good few hours and then went back to my main project. Pretty successful so far. Tomorrow I’ll be expanding on the concepts and pitching it to L|N’s Creative Director, Rick. Wish me luck πŸ˜€

Okay so in wrapping this blog up, I have to to say that this place has really made me feel comfortable and everyone is overall pretty approachable. I have yet to find out the stuff I don’t like about them and I still have six days to figure that out. Do trust that I’ll be back for an update on these guys. Lets hope it stays this way πŸ™‚ Thanks for checkin in! Here are some photos for you to go through.

good lord.. blogging is so time consuming!!!

Judgement Day…

I would like to takeΒ  a few minutes to talk about the wonderful world of business cards. I have collected just about a hundred cards in the past few weeks and for the most part, they’re from different ad agencies and people I’ve met at networking events like PDX Mindshare and dMob. I have come to a few conclusions when it comes to making a good first impression through these little cards. What gets people excited about a company? How do they stick out from all the others? What does this thing say about them? If you saw a collection of cards on a table, which would you pick up?

A small handful of cards out of the crap load I collected...

A small handful of cards out of the crapload I collected...

Well I have gone through my pile of collected cards and these were the ones that I picked up:

My first impression of these cards were that they were creative, professional and reliable. They had their own story and style that really popped out to me whether they were really simple and organized or complex and authentic. My #1 choice was Livengood|Nowack’s card because first of all, they are the last agency I’ll be visiting and seeing how well their business cards were done, makes me REALLY excited to see what it will be like once I’m there. The small details make all the difference and I think they did an amazing job at paying attention to that. Not to mention their website was also really impressive. It had it’s own voice that gave me a good feeling about their brand beliefs and culture. Bottom line, I truely think that first impressions are really important and that can be through a business card, website or physical appearance. I learned this back when I was a sophomore in high school and have never forgotten that since.

My blogging last night

Last night I had blogged about my day and in the process of telling you ALL about it and somehow right as I published it, I had magically deleted the whole thing somehow and left you with that last paragraph that is there now. I was literally falling asleep while typing so I have not a clue what I was doing when I was unconcious. Since the day was so great, I’m going to post it ONE more time…

  1. Left for work at 7:30AM
  2. Productivity kicks in at 8AM
  3. Worked intensely on the Open House invitation and finished up the comps to prep for the presentation to the committee (Nicole -Art Director + Kevin – Client Analyst + Terri – Office Manager + Erica – Project Coordinator)
  4. 2:00PM – Got face time with Jessica – Online Community Manager to talk about ways to do online research and got an abundance collection of resources to go to do that. I felt like I learned a whole load of stuff that I should have had knowledge of through school. In fact, I think that is something that The Art Institute of Portland can improve on, and that is to provide such a database for these things for students and if there was one, LET THEM KNOW… Thanks! I got about an hour with Jessica and left with a ton of places to go for information on SameUnderneath. They aren’t a very big company so it was definitely harder to find good places with the juicy information but there were a few. Thanks for all your help! Here are some places she mentioned:
  5. 3:00PM – Meeting with the Invitations committee. This meeting went really well. I had my three mock-ups ready to present to everyone and I received a really positive response. They all really liked them and helped me narrow it down to their favorite one so that I can make my adjustments to finalize it. After this stage is complete, I will be pitching this piece to Doug New – Founder of The New Group as well as TomStrategist and I believe the rest of the committee who is involved. Wish me luck πŸ™‚
  6. Spoke to Julie – Designer about her experiences at Henry V since she was previously there for about 2 years before she came here to The New Group. She was great. She really liked it there and said it was a really fast paced environment with amazing people and every project you got was just totally different than the last. I think that type of job is something that I would really like to find because I function most efficiently through pressure and *stress while having a constant flow of different projects keeps life exciting.
  7. Got my KATU News Scholarship check in and got a good chunk of my private education loans paid off! THANK YOU KATU.
  8. Met with my favorite employer Lynette Xanders of Wild Alchemy for dinner. Always great to see her. Many great things are coming up and of all people, she will be one who keeps me busy and up through the night cranking out a last minute project. Love it!
  9. Had my first class for summer term… my final porfolio class with Dale Gronso. I’m graduating on September 19th and that means I only have about 8 weeks to get my portfolio together and ready to find that perfect employer. Many will find that really intimidating and stressful but I honestly have not found that to be true yet. Maybe because I try not to think about it or maybe I feel I have too many other things going on to really stress about anything anymore. I am just going to take things day by day, do as many things as I can and meet as many people as I can to hopefully set myself up for “THE JOB,” a term that Dale mentioned many many times last night. That is exactly what I want. I’m not JUST looking for a job, I’m looking for that ultimate job that will keep me on my toes and show me the ropes to becoming an extraordinary designer and business woman. I think that just being in this COLABORATORY internship is taking me well towards that direction.
  10. Lastly, spoke to Jake and he mentioned a family get together that they were having and his dad was offering to get me a ticket out there (wisconsin) to join them. I would absolutely love to but with COLAB i’m not sure if that’s going to be possible yet. We’ll have to see. I’ll be gone the weekend of the 8th if I do go. Possibly I can leave Friday and come back Sunday.

GREAT day. Now gotta go for another. If you’re reading this part, THANK YOU for actually reading! I’ve always wondered if people actually read all this stuff… πŸ˜€