BramPitoyo + CaseOrganic interviews CVo + Kim Karalekas

Smile. It's contagious...

Smile. It's contagious

Tune into Hazelnut-Tech-Talk. A podcast brought to you by two of the most inspiring and tech-saavy genius’s I know {BramPitoyo + CaseOrganic}. They interviewed both Kim and I this weekend about COLABORATORY and got the inside scoop on our experiences. Check it out.

Christine Vo + Kim Karalekas COLAB Interview

beautiful day for a podcast recording


2 responses to “BramPitoyo + CaseOrganic interviews CVo + Kim Karalekas

  1. Let’s work on getting out those “ummm” and “likes” shall we?

  2. UUhhmmmm… Okay.

    😉 YES

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