Judgement Day…

I would like to take  a few minutes to talk about the wonderful world of business cards. I have collected just about a hundred cards in the past few weeks and for the most part, they’re from different ad agencies and people I’ve met at networking events like PDX Mindshare and dMob. I have come to a few conclusions when it comes to making a good first impression through these little cards. What gets people excited about a company? How do they stick out from all the others? What does this thing say about them? If you saw a collection of cards on a table, which would you pick up?

A small handful of cards out of the crap load I collected...

A small handful of cards out of the crapload I collected...

Well I have gone through my pile of collected cards and these were the ones that I picked up:

My first impression of these cards were that they were creative, professional and reliable. They had their own story and style that really popped out to me whether they were really simple and organized or complex and authentic. My #1 choice was Livengood|Nowack’s card because first of all, they are the last agency I’ll be visiting and seeing how well their business cards were done, makes me REALLY excited to see what it will be like once I’m there. The small details make all the difference and I think they did an amazing job at paying attention to that. Not to mention their website was also really impressive. It had it’s own voice that gave me a good feeling about their brand beliefs and culture. Bottom line, I truely think that first impressions are really important and that can be through a business card, website or physical appearance. I learned this back when I was a sophomore in high school and have never forgotten that since.

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