My last day at The|New|Group

Today is my last day at The|New|Group and part of me is sad but excited at the same time too. Time has really flown by fast and I’ve had a great time here at TNG. The environment here has been super chill and everyone is really open and friendly. I have honestly met some of the most genuine and intelligent people here and I hope to stay connected after my experiences here. They have opened my eyes to so many new things and got me thinking in different ways that will make me a better designer and strategic thinker.

Now to give you the overview of what projects I worked on, the first of the projects that The|New|Group had me working on was the Open house invitation. I had total creative freedom and a decent budget so with that, I executed designs that they all really liked. Yesterday Doug New came back from CA and he approved the design so it’s officially going to be the design that will be used for their Open House coming up in September. Super excited 🙂 Along with the invitation, I also did the design for the RSVP website so that there remains a consistency between the two mediums. For the most part, that project was taken throughout the two weeks that I’m here.

Then there was one that was just presented to me yesterday and it is to design a revolutionary interactive website interface. Kevin J.- Flash Developer genius and Toby – Technical Director and story telling guru had this amazing concept in mind and they asked me to play around with the idea and concept out some ideas of my own. To summarize their mission in a nutshell… Think iphone. Take the interactive elements of the iPhone into a website format and make it 10 times better. They are looking to build a visual interactive navigation that will provide context, engage and tell a story to the audience. I have been sketching out my ideas and will be pitching it to them in a few hours. This is such a great experience because I’m learning a whole lot about how to build an AMAZING website rather than just a good one. Toby put into really simple terms for me when it comes to evaluating a website. The basics..

a BAD website – Bunch of links and no sense of organization or hierarchy or design.

a GOOD website – Useful, has hierarchy and functional

a GREAT website – Tells a story.

It’s as plain and simple as that. This project is a year old for them and a day old for me. I really hope to bring in some fresh ideas for them and if it’s something that doesn’t really hit the spot for them, hopefully it’ll inspire them to think in different ways.

One last thing that I have to mention is the one advice that Toby kept bringing up and that is:

“Don’t be afraid to let your good idea go because there will be another one, and anotherone, and anotherone….”

Toby is a firm believer that the practice of ideation will only lead to better idea’s just like the practice of drawing will lead to a better artist. COLAB interns who will be coming to The|New|GroupMary and Bryan, try to get some face time with this guy, he has a lot of great things to say and even if you don’t have a tech background, you’ll still learn something from him.

OKAY, so those were the tasks that I had faced. Now I really want to just say thank you to everyone who has really been open to answering my questions and helping me through this process. Tom was amazing and gave me a some great insights to the agency world and was always checking in to make sure I was good and was there to answer any question I had. Then there was Nicole who was super nice and was so helpful when I was stuck on a design and pretty much answered all my questions about what I should expect when I graduate and taught me a few things on negotiating and finding a job and a ton of other things but overall she has been a great resource here. I had a really good time working with her on the invite. Kevin J. and Toby were the other two I worked with and they are both really smart guys who got me thinking differently when designing a website and all the possibilities out there when partnered up with the right people. Then there’s my neighbor Jessica who could always make me laugh. She helped me with the research project and helped me find the right internet sources to go to and she was just totally fun to talk to. Kevin S. sits next to her and he really helped me settle in and feel comfortable here. He also coordinated the whole Invitation project for me and a sweet ping pong player! Thank you Tammi for setting up my direct deposit 🙂 That’s very important. Then of course Thank you to Doug New for taking part in COLABORATORY and for allowing me to come in and stay for two weeks. These were the people that I worked most closely with and helped keep me busy for the most part. To be perfectly honest, everyone here is very nice and approachable. It is definitely something that I wasn’t expecting 100%. I always pictured an agency being totally uptight and high strung all the time and it is not the case at all.

Thank you The|New|Group! Next stop… Ascentium


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