So as I’ve promised you before, I was going to compile a list of the TNG lingo that I’ve been hearing around this place and there are some hilarious things that I’ve heard. Ya know, I came into this thinking I would totally have to be formal and professional but no.. these guys are actually HUMAN. YAY… huge relief, not gonna lie! I figured it’d be sweet to see how this varies between the different agencies that I will be exploring throughout the next six weeks. Here goes:

  1. The “playa”
  2. White Board session
  3. Tactics
  4. Seminar Instructors
  5. “they didn’t commit with their two feet, just their big toe
  6. Who stands with you, who against?
  7. CIO: Chief Info Officer
  8. CMO: Chief Marketing Office
  9. Meeting note
  10. “It smells like…” {rather than it seems like.. }
  11. Reset your expectations
  12. proposal
  13. billable meeting time
  14. Knee-jerk reaction
  15. Tap into
  16. Unique call campaign
  17. Tradeshow booth
  18. Field application engineers
  19. forum
  20. “not to be _________in this meeting”
  21. Can’t give ideas
  22. “they can’t do without us.”
  23. “we’re the guys who know it.”
  24. Devil advocate
  25. Down-low
  26. Gut Check
  27. PHP
  28. BBF
  29. “The shit I don’t want to step in”
  30. We can
  31. “We bullshit… conversate…” – Scott
  32. “Always make it sound like you’re getting paid for all your hours… even meetings”
  33. “The beauty is… I don’t care”
  34. “No job securities… all egos… go freelance”
  35. “As usual, we wing it with a loose agenda”
  36. Have a plan
  37. “Dude piclines are the SHIZNIT”
  38. Resonate
  39. Query
  40. Internal

Ehh?!?!? pretty sweet huh? The quotes are the best 😀 There will be more. Stay tuned.


2 responses to “FEATURE STORY: TNG Lingo Pt 1

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  2. You missed Josh’s “I can’t presently spell avocado.”

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