First of all, let me say this… The Grand Central Bowling alley is AMAZING. It’s 2 levels and you have a bar upstairs with four pool tables and then downstairs you got another bar and then the bowling lanes. In the bowling area, they’ve got this little VIP reserved seating pit and then some awesome leather chairs. Then you’ve got servers who come and take care of all your drinks and food and basically everything else a server does! Pretty sweet… Not your typical Bowling alley that’s for sure. OH YA! AND they have someone opening the doors for you!

Anywho, had to go off on a tangent for a second…

SOooo.. today was orientation day and everyone involved in #COLAB finally got to meet one another. I was amazed as to how open and friendly everyone was and not to mention very CHILL. I love it… Gotta say that it’s one of the best things about Portland. Everyone is just so laid back and just up for doing whatever.. whenever. Aside from all the amazing people in the room… Let me introduce to you our groups!

There’s a total of 10 interns and we were split into two groups. Our first assignment was to come up with an agency name. Before I get any further.. the two groups were…


  1. Kim Karalekas {account/project manager}
  2. Mary McPherson {account/project manager}
  3. Christine Vo {graphic designer}
  4. Luke Rolka {graphic designer}
  5. Bryan Davidson {copywriter}


  1. Heather Schwartz {account/project manager}
  2. Allison McKeever {account/project manager}
  3. Whitney Bard {designer}
  4. Melissa Casillas {designer}
  5. Megan Nuttall {copywriter}

We then found out who our client was for the groups. Guess who?!

SAMEUNDERNEATH! WAAOoo I’m so excited! A few months ago I did a t-shirt design contest with them and got a call from Ryan Christensen {founder} with notice that my design was a finalist… Unfortunately it didn’t make the cut because my design was too complex for the time frame they had to fix it. Finally today I was able to see him in person. Little does he know that he’s talked to me once before.. I would love a chance to have some face time with the guy. He is such a great inspirational speaker. He has an amazing story behind his company and has this huge passion for politics and education. One thing that we all need to keep in mind {and this was mentioned several times throughout his talk} was that Sameunderneath, though they make their clothing out of bamboo, is not a “sustainable” company. They aim to bring more social awareness to the world rather than being “green.” Just keep that in mind. When you see Ryan.. don’t mention sustainable 😉

After our orientation, we all took off to play bowling at the Grand Central Bowling alley and this place was AMAZING.. yes I already said that but it really was! I had a great time meeting everyone and getting the chance to speak more to Tom Bennett from The|New|Group {agency I’ll be spending my first two weeks at} and I am so hyped to get out there tomorrow. Then I met the rest of the SUPERB COLAB crew…

Everyone is so nice and I am just SOOOOOOooo excited to go through this! It’s gonna be SWEET!!!

After bowling.. Allison McKeever and I went for a quick little run up to 23rd and back and now here we are.. blogging our experiences today. Allison’s blog. Check her out. She’s amazing and has a lot of great things to say.

I’m gonna end it here. If you’re still reading.. THANK YOU! You rock! Leave me a little note and I’ll get back atcha. GOOD NIGHT!!!

WAIT.. Not yet.. Scroll down a little more.. There’s little video from Allison & I…

My schedule for tomorrow:

9:15A – 5:30P: Work @ The|New|Group

5:30P – 6:30P: Off to Nike to pick up some new projects

6:30P – 8:00P: Tennis? Basketball? Driving Range? Run? {TBA}

8:00P – 10:00: COLAB BLOGGING

??:?? – Sleep

Thank you for following this long first blog. I am going to leave you with this special presentation by myself {christine vo} and my sidekick allison mckeever :

Please go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQQdnRop80g to view full version of the video. Thanks!


2 responses to “ORIENTATION + BOWLING

  1. Not to be an a-hole, but don’t you feel used? I mean interning? You obviously have great skillsets, and I assume by interning they aren’t paying you going rates, but something a little lower. Just curious.

    Glad you’re excited to do some fun projects however…

  2. I love how all your pictures make us look like one giant brady bunch. I think “somewhere” is just jealous he/she didn’t get a lovely portrait.

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